Management Team

Members of the International Physical Literacy Association Management Team.

Margaret Whitehead

IPLA Trustee / President

Margaret Whitehead is a visiting Professor at the University of Bedfordshire. Having trained to teach physical education and taught in school, she worked at Homerton College Cambridge and the University of Bedfordshire. Margaret lectured in pedagogy and has contributed to numerous books on the teaching of physical education.

She was the Physical Education Association of the United Kingdom (PEAUK) President from 1998- 2000 and is currently President of Bedford Physical Education Old Students’ Association. She completed her PhD in 1987 and after retiring from full time work in 2000 she returned to her research and developed the concept of physical literacy. She has written and travelled widely to promote the concept.

Nigel Green

IPLA Trustee / Acting Chair / Treasurer

Nigel Green is a Senior Lecturer in Physical Education at Liverpool John Moores University. He taught physical education in secondary schools for 29 years prior to his move into higher education. Nigel has been actively involved in teacher training within physical education and is currently leading an undergraduate education studies and physical education suite of programmes.

As a previous member of the Physical Education Association Executive Committee and a current member of North Western Counties Physical Education Association Executive Committee and International Physical Literacy Association Board, Nigel demonstrates a commitment and passion to promote and support the development of physical literacy.

Liz Myers

Vice Chair / Website & Communication / External Engagement

Liz Myers is an Educational Consultant and Managing Director at Scholary Ltd. Upon leaving the Royal Navy in 2006, Liz studied at the University of Bedfordshire and achieved a First Class Honours Degree in Physical Education (Secondary) with QTS. During her final year Liz was introduced to Margaret Whitehead who acted as her dissertation supervisor and was introduced to the concept of Physical Literacy. Unbeknown at the time, this introduction to Physical Literacy would go on to form the foundation of her professional teaching practice and research.

Liz graduated in 2010 and began teaching at Devizes School, Wiltshire. Whilst at Devizes Liz held a number of positions of responsibility, including School Sports Coordinator, Projects Coordinator, KS3 Coordinator and eventually went on to set up the Devizes Schools Sports Network, a sports partnership aimed at supporting primary schools within the local area, helping them to achieve high quality physical education that is underpinned by principles of Physical Literacy.

Liz has a developing academic profile. Whilst teaching, Liz completed a MSc in Psychology (The Open University) and a MA in Education (The University of Bath). Liz is currently undertaking a PhD in Physical Literacy at the University of Bedfordshire. Liz left full time teaching in April 2014 to dedicate more time to her PhD and to work full time at Scholary. Liz also co-founded PE Scholar in 2010, a free online community website for sharing physical education resources.

Fiona Diffey

IPLA Trustee / Education & Training

Fiona Diffey trained as a secondary physical education teacher at Cardiff Metropolitan in 2003-4. Over the last seven years Fiona has spent her time working in both the secondary sector as a physical education teacher as well as the primary sector as a physical education specialist. In 2011 Fiona joined the staff of the PGCE Secondary programme at Cardiff Metropolitan University, where she currently works as a Senior Lecturer. Within this role Fiona also delivers on a range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses that focus on teacher training and the pedagogy of teaching.

Having become very interesting in the field of physical literacy as a teacher, Fiona’s research has focused into the area of motivational climate and the role teacher training can play in the preparation of primary and secondary initial teacher training education (ITTE) students to deliver high quality physical education that fosters the concepts of physical literacy.

Richard Keegan

Research & Scholarly Activity

Richard Keegan is Assistant Professor in Sport and Exercise Psychology at the University of Canberra, Australia. He teaches Motor Control and Skill Acquisition, and is the founder of the Centre for Excellence in Physical Literacy and Active Youth (CEPLAY). As such, Richard was the lead author of the ‘Game Plan’ report (Getting Australia Moving – Establishing Physical Literacy for an Active Nation).

As a member of the Executive Board, Richard has been actively involved in the foundation of the IPLA. Richard has a particular interest in research examining ways of implementing physical literacy programs around the world.

Liz Taplin

IPLA Trustee / Advocacy

Liz Taplin is a Lecturer in Primary Physical Education at Plymouth University. She trained at Bedford College of Physical Education and taught in the secondary sector for a number of years before continuing her career in the independent sector teaching children in the two to thirteen age range.

Working with the primary phase led Liz into teacher training and she currently works with students on Bachelor of Education and Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) programmes, all of whom are training to be primary school teachers. Whilst first and foremost a practitioner, Liz is also in the latter stages of a PhD which focuses on using life history methods to map physical literacy journeys.