IPLA Foundation Course

Physical Literacy Professional Development

IPLA is the global authority on all matters relating to the concept of physical literacy and is keen to work with partners from around the world. Consequently, the IPLA’s focus on Education and Training is one of the IPLA’s key priorities as it is considered crucial that an accurate understanding of physical literacy is held by all. Only from a platform of shared understanding can the concept be used appropriately. IPLA’s training events encourage: individuals to reflect on their own physical literacy; practitioners to embed best practice in their work; and academics to explore and develop their research. IPLA has agreed there will initially be three levels of training: Foundation, Development and Advanced. The Foundation Course has been written, piloted and released. The Development and Advanced courses are in the process of being written – it is hoped the Development Course will be available for release in June 2018.

Foundation Course

The Foundation Course offers an introduction to physical literacy. The definition, the physical literacy as a journey metaphor and consideration of the impact of physical literacy on our lives (personally and professionally) are explored, giving participants clarity on key messages and a consensus on meaning. The course runs for three and a half hours and whilst there is no practical work, the inter-active group work creates a vibrant and meaningful experience.

Organisations interested in hosting the Foundation Course and individuals wanting to book a place on one of the Foundation Courses being run around the country should contact info@physical-literacy.co.uk for details of cost and availability. IPLA trainers are available for international work, so please let us know your requirements.

Next Event

The next Foundation Course to run in the UK is on Tuesday 17th October, at St Mary’s University, Twickenham. Go to Eventbrite – IPLA Foundation Course to book your place.