Next Webinar: Physical Literacy: an embodied capacity for interaction

International Physical Literacy Association

Webinar 27th January 7.30pm GMT

Presenter: Nate Babcock – Elementary PE Coordinator-PYLUSD and PE Specialist- Fairmont Elementary School.
Responder: Margaret Whitehead – President of the IPLA
Host: Nigel Green – Chair of the IPLA

A blog ( ) posted by Nate Babcock sparked a great discussion between Nate, Margaret Whitehead and Nigel Green. The IPLA were keen to explore the philosophical ideas shared by Nate and the webinar will provide a brief introduction to the issues and an opportunity for discussion in breakout rooms.

As Nate has suggested, expressing, and enhancing our embodied/physical capabilities helps us interact more fluently and productively with the world (Margaret Whitehead), thus expanding our capacity for the richness of experience, for which all forms of life aim (Alfred North Whitehead). So rather than move to be fit and healthy, Physical Education should be about engaging in inter/intra-corporeal practices to enhance both our interactions with the world and our richness of experience, both of which mutually and reciprocally enhance each other.  The goal here is not health, but more fluent interaction (literacy) and more enjoyment/richness of experience/meaningfulness.

Breakout discussion rooms: Peter Elsborg, Amit Malik, Trevor Smith, Simon Padley, Ashish Rawat and Karen Rhys-Jones – Members of the IPLA

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