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Former IPLA Chair, Liz Taplin, has adapted the IPLA’s Foundation Course so that she can deliver the material via an online seminar. She hopes this will enable people to take the course wherever they live. It’s an exciting development as it ensures everyone everywhere can gain clarification of the meaning and impact of physical literacy. At least one online course will run every month, with different time zones being catered for each time it runs. Liz has flexibility in terms of her availability and can discuss preferred dates and times with participants if the advertised courses are not convenient.

The maximum number of participants on each course is limited to ten, which ensures a high quality learning experience. There is no minimum number although it is preferable to have more than one person as the interaction with other participants increases both the learning opportunities and the enjoyment. Participants work hard! They watch and listen; they contribute to discussions; and they complete the workbook distributed prior to the course. The outcome is a sound understanding of the physical literacy concept; a platform on which to build practice; and the much sought after Foundation Course certificate!

The course has been divided into three sections. Seminar 1 last approximately 90 minutes and ensures everyone is appreciative of why the physical literacy concept is needed and confident with the IPLA definition. Seminar 2 is similar in length and takes place a week later. An element of independent study is required between the two seminars, but don’t worry as the task is fun as well as deeply meaningful. The homework and Seminar 2 covers an examination of the physical literacy journey and considers what the impact of adopting a physical literacy approach might be in the participants’ personal and professional lives.

An added bonus of Liz’s offer, is the option to follow the Foundation Course with a free one to one coaching session during which Liz helps each individual to consider the best way to take action. It is also a great time to ask questions and to find out about ways to engage with the physical literacy community.

As well as running the Foundation Course online, Liz continues to host in person events and is available to deliver the course at venues across the UK and beyond. Upcoming Foundation Courses are:

Thursday 16th November & Thursday 23rd November – online starting at 9pm GMT

Friday 17th November – in Plymouth, South West England – 9am-1pm GMT

Wednesday 29th November and Wednesday 6th December – online starting at 5pm GMT

For more information and access to booking visit Liz’s website:



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