Physical Literacy, Phenomenology and Empathy

Physical literacy puts the individual at the heart of the enterprise. This blog will look at the roots of this commitment and the implications of a person-centred relationship with an individual. Particular reference will be made to the importance of empathy. Physical Literacy The definition of physical literacy describes this human capability as a disposition whereby ‘the individual has the … Read More

Exploring The Psychological Causes And Effects Of Obesity 

Worldwide, 600 million people or 13%  of the population are clinically obese, a number that has tripled in the past fifty years. Research continues to develop in understanding the root causes of the obesity epidemic, and evidence points to psychological and social factors playing a key role. Anxiety and depression, which can contribute to weight gain and overeating, are also more prevalent today … Read More

IPLA Advocacy Guides

Please see attached two physical literacy guides (long and short version).   IPLA physical literacy simple guide IPLA physical literacy longer guide

International Physical Literacy Conference 2019: Physical Literacy A Deeper Dive Conference Proceedings

IPLA CONFERENCE 2019 A Deeper Dive into Physical Literacy 10 – 12 JUNE 2019 The University of Gloucestershire Oxstalls Campus Gloucestershire (UK) Conference Programme IPLA Conference Programme 2019 Conference Presentations Day 1 Dominic Cunliffe HSIN-HENG Chen Amit Malik Helen Hughes & Gethin Thomas Mon Trevor Smith Day 2 ASHISH Gillian Bartle Hannah Goss Marc Gregson Sum Kim Wai Raymond Please … Read More


We have the AGM scheduled for Wednesday 12th June 2019 (following this year’s IPLA Conference 2019 (and will also be available via Skype)) and this will allow us to appoint the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. Although we have colleagues currently fulfilling these roles we would be quite happy for others, who are interested and prepared to commit time … Read More

Taiwan – Taipei – National Taiwan Normal University – February/March 2019

Following a very successful visit to National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) in Taipei – August 2018, where I presented sessions on physical literacy to the 250 delegates at their Teaching Symposium, the university managed to access government funds to consider the future direction for physical education in the country. A select group of 80 teachers was chosen by the lead … Read More

Nepal April 2019

Initial impressions were that Nepal is a very similar environment to India and these were confirmed over the next few days. Vibrant and chaotic towns and cities merge into rural areas where life is simple and agricultural.

Tom and Emma’s PGCE Podcast

The purpose of this PGCE podcast is to chat around various topics linked to both being a PGCE student as well as different theoretical concepts that might be significant to different subject areas or Initial Teacher Training and Education (ITTE) in general.