The International Physical Literacy Association guiding Dumfries and Galloway – Scotland

The community of Dumfries and Galloway have made a start by embracing the concept and it is interesting to see Wales, New Zealand, America and more recently India are all channelling energy into making physical literacy a focus for physical education and for life. Perhaps it is now time for the government of England to take a serious look at physical literacy and the potential it has to change lives in the future.

Sole Purpose: Attaining Self-Actualisation

the aim of physical education and physical literacy is to attain self actualisation – the motivational theory (Maslow, 1954) that links self fulfilment with our own embodied dimension and our own embodied potential as a learner.

A Conceptual Framework for Physical Literacy

During the summer I read the Aspen’s Reviews, the Australian Physical Literacy and Sport Review and the UDSA Physical Literacy Plan. The one-dimensional and narrow perspective that they attribute to Physical Literacy has become simply “old wine in a new bottle”. As a consequence I have created a conceptual framework for Physical Literacy as a guide to articulating what needs … Read More