A Poem for Physical Literacy

Tiny, fragile fingers clench the hands that lead, guide and nurture the path.

The journey begins with a hesitant step. Gasps. Jubilance. Pure joy.

Tentative steps turn into powerful strides as confidence oozes with every pounding heartbeat.

Blossoming, developing, changing with every jump, spin and splash.

The precious seeds of opportunities are scattered lovingly into the field of hope and wonder.

Each experience offers a chance of personal growth, exploration and challenge.

Physically pushing boundaries; mentally strengthening belief and emotionally developing courage.

The twisting roots protect a lifetime of precious moments that encourages the soul to shine.

Every branch extends and leads change until a momentous moment flowers and glimmers with success and pride.

An eruption of ecstasy cascades through the veins of those who carefully carve their personal journey.

Each journey is as unique as human nature itself and deeply rooted in the soul of every individual.

Until your last breath, your last step, your last moment, the path is waiting for you to mould it into your endless dreams.


by Amy Green