Inner Development Goals and Physical Literacy

Dear IPLA Member,

You might not be aware of the Inner Development Goals, so we would very much like to share the concept with you because we see a very close link between the outcomes of this approach and our own physical literacy approach, particularly in the “affective” domain.

The IDGs are essentially a suite of behaviours and personal attributes that have been determined to either support the achievement of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals or would be accrued by individuals as a result of working towards them.

In essence, like physical literacy, this is about human development and human flourishing.

We were introduced to the IDGs at the International Physical Literacy Conference in New York in May this year, and have since begun some work to align these to our work in the affective domain, which we will share with you in due course.

For now, if the concept appeals to you, please follow the links below in the message from the IDG team to take the One-Question survey, spread the word, and/or to become more involved as researchers.

🚀 Two months ago, we launched the One-Question Global Survey – an opportunity for everybody to further shape the understanding of the transformational skills needed for a more sustainable future.

So far, we’ve received over 4000 submissions from over 90 countries!

We invite your contributions, as well as those of your peers and networks, to share and join this crucial conversation as we aim to listen to many more voices around the globe.

This is a fantastic opportunity to contribute to a project with global reach, ensuring diverse communities around the world can participate.

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