International Conference on PE and Sports 2024

Members of the IPLA were invited to the International Conference on Physical Education and Sports, hosted by Lakshmibai National Institute of Physical Education (LNIPE) in Gwalior, India. The Conference was a remarkable gathering, uniting over 270 delegates from more than 15 countries. Among the attendees were diverse stakeholders from various sectors of the sports and physical education landscape, including academics, researchers, sports skill development professionals, sports nutritionists, advocates for physical literacy, and champions of sports for para-athletes. Additionally, the event welcomed over 1000 students of physical education, fostering an environment of learning, collaboration, and knowledge exchange on a global scale. The conference discussed themes around Holistic and Multi-Disciplinary Education; Indian Knowledge Systems; Academic Leadership; Governance and Management; Higher Education and Social Impact, Research and Development, Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Physical Education and Physical Literacy, Inclusive Physical Education and Sport, Women Empowerment in Physical Education, Sports and Yoga; Role and Involvement of Technology for Effective Teaching in Physical Education and Sport; and Stress Management.

Trevor Smith, Chief Guest, and Keynote Speaker, delved into the vital role of ‘physical literacy in national policy and strategy,’ offering invaluable insights into shaping the future of physical education for India and afar. In his presentation, he made a very important point about investments in physical literacy and active environments. This presentation set the stone for the conference agenda, informing all attendees about the importance of incorporating physical literacy into practice, and positioned the IPLA’s ambitions to support governments to understand, appreciate, value, and implement physical literacy strategies into relevant aspects of national policy and strategy.

Kyle Pusharenko, Inclusion Lead, and integral part of our team, served as both Speaker and Panellist, shedding light on the crucial aspect of ‘physical literacy and inclusion,’ advocating for a more inclusive approach in sports and education. Amit Malik, Country Lead for India, played a pivotal role as the panel moderator for ‘inclusion in sport and PE,’ facilitating insightful discussions and ensuring diverse perspectives were heard. And finally, our very own Secretary, Olivia Flemons, shared her expertise as a panellist, shedding light on the imperative of inclusion for women in sports, highlighting the importance of gender equality and empowerment on the field. It was an enriching experience, providing us with profound perspectives on physical education and sports within the context of national education policy and the visionary outlook for 2024.