Invitation to Attend IPLA Session: The Introduction of Biographical Physical Literacy Mapping

Dear IPLA Member,

We are excited to invite you to an upcoming IPLA session titled “The Introduction of Biographical Physical Literacy Mapping”. This informative and insightful session will aim to provide insights into a novel approach to capturing individual’s dynamic journey with movement. Please see below more details regarding the session.

Session Date & Time

Wednesday 12th June, 12-1:15pm BST

This session will introduce the innovative approach of Biographical Physical Literacy Mapping (BMAP-PL) and its significance in capturing the dynamic journey of individuals’ relationship with movement. There will be opportunity to discuss practical applications, as well as the potential impact on physical literacy assessment. The method is compatible with both scientific and pragmatic purposes, and is open to either quantitative or/and qualitative orientations.


Johannes Carl (Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia):

  • Conceptual introduction to BMAP-PL
  • Sequential steps for implementation
  • Opportunities for quantitative and qualitative analysis
  • Future research agenda for IPLA community

Lisa Young (University of Monash, Melbourne, Australia):

  • Positioning BMAP-PL in secondary school Health and Physical Education
  • Practical application steps for student-centred approach
  • Fostering inclusivity and growth-oriented understanding

Johannes Jaunig (University of Graz, Austria):

  • Empirical application of BMAP-PL in charting physical activity behaviour
  • Pilot study insights and promising results
  • Positive feedback on engaging and intuitive method

You will also be given the opportunity to engage in a panel discussion with our expert panellists to explore the implications and applications of BMAP-PL in the field of physical literacy assessment.

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