2 Comments on “IPLA Research Café 1 – Lisa Young”

  1. Hi, thank you very much for the recorded presentation you sent me. I watched it and enjoyed it very much.
    I really like to have been contacted and being connected in the event for I also the person who is eager to introduce the concept and its embodiment of PL in my country, Indonesia.
    Please invite me again later in the next IPLA Research Cafe.
    See you soon.

  2. I am Ph.D. in Early childhood. I was watching your video presentation on your journal about the analysis concept of PL the angle you have ‘awareness in physical literacy concept. I am looking for teachers who could help to use the concept of PL to be able to help them FMS (Fundamental Movement Skills) to look holistic of PL in early childhood (4-5 years old) because these ages are luck of quality teachers to help them the FMS because their teachers don’t have enough PE experienced and the good environment when they were young. Most of the activities teachers have joint to participate on the activity. I am trying to see how far the teachers understand the knowledge of PL for ages 4-5. the purpose of my research is to bring the concept so what you said in Indonesia most of them know the terminology of “PE, and Sport as Athlete on any kind sport. It is confusing but more issue is they know but the don’t do it. no have regular physical activities

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