IPLA Supporting Youth Sport Trust


Commenting on the announcement of the General Election, Chair of the IPLA, Nigel Green, said that the IPLA is fully supportive of the statement provided by Chief Executive Officer of the Youth Sport Trust, Ali Oliver MBE, about the need to put children and young people front and centre of the policy debate. Nigel also went on to suggest that ‘physical activity for all should be a clear priority for any government’. There is a national wellbeing crisis and physical activity, play and sport are vital to improve the health and wellbeing of a population.

Schools, local communities, health professionals and sporting bodies should all be supported to enable them to provide positive physical activity experiences for all, that contribute to enhancing physical literacy (our relationship with physical activity). We are fully aware of the benefits of regular engagement in physical activity, from a physical, social, emotional and cognitive perspective, and we appreciate the impact this can have on our holistic health and wellbeing.

As Ali Oliver MBE suggests, we should be focusing on a coordinated national plan that guarantees every child access to at least 60 minutes of positive, enjoyable and engaging physical activity through PE, sport and play, every day. The IPLA would also suggest that everyone, no matter what age, ability or disability, are encouraged and supported in being active every day.

Nigel Green (Chair of IPLA)