Physical Literacy Across the World – Communities

Back in February we posted the first of a planned monthly release of content from our 2021 “Physical Literacy – Cultural Connection Across the World” Conference, featuring the keynote from our President, Dr Margaret Whitehead and links to supplementary Q & A for members.

This month we are focussing on content related to physical literacy practice in community settings, including presentations on the related work being carried out by some of our event sponsors (below).

These videos include a look at an Early Years intervention from the USA (, an active environments project in Sweden ( and a museum installation in Qatar (





What all of these have in common is that they have used physical literacy as a lens to create experiences and environments for people to explore and understand physical literacy and apply this to adopt physical activity for life.

We’ll be aiming to release new content via our blog on the first week of every month, so look out for your IPLA email and set some time aside to dive into Physical Literacy across the world!

IPLA is grateful to the following partners who sponsored our event in 2021. Click on the logos to connect to their websites.

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