Physical Literacy Across the World

In October 2021, the IPLA held a 24 hour virtual conference entitled Physical Literacy Across the World. The event featured live streamed content across each of six time zones, beginning with Australasia and ending in West Coast USA over a single 24 hour period.

In all, we were treated to 84 presentations and panel discussions from practitioners, researchers and enthusiasts which shone a bright light on physical literacy and its applications across the world.

On the first Thursday of every month we will be releasing this content on our website, with some free content for all enthusiasts and some additional content for IPLA members only. Each month will focus on a different core theme, ranging from strategy and policy to early years developments and from activating the in-actives to supporting high performance participation.

This month we begin with the keynote presentation by Margaret Whitehead which provides the foundation for each time zone’s content. So look out for your IPLA email on the first Thursday of each month and set some time aside to dive into Physical Literacy across the world.

If the image above does not show, please click here to watch Margaret’s presentation.

IPLA is grateful to the following partners who sponsored our event in 2021. Click on the logos to connect to their websites.

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