Physical Literacy workshop in the Netherlands

On November 9, the annual Sports Research Conference was organised at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences. More than 430 participants attended 100 sessions and workshops. One of the workshops was organised by the Physical Literacy Platform.

This platform was initiated early 2017 with members from all PETE faculties in the Netherlands and the Knowledge Centre for Sports. The goal of the Platform is to get a clear idea of what Physical Literacy is and investigate how it can be of value in the Netherlands. Because of our past experiences with Physical Literacy and our visits to the IPLA conferences, we can play an important role in the platform.

Although we expected around 20 persons to attend the Physical Literacy workshop, more than 70 showed up: scholars, coaches, teachers and policymakers. After quickly adding a number of chairs and tables to the room, the workshop commenced.

In the first half hour we presented the definition and development of Physical Literacy, the international developments and the IPLA and the most important questions the platform has about Physical Literacy.

Subsequently, the participants split into little groups and discussed different questions about, for instance, the value of Physical Literacy for Dutch sports and PE, how to chart progress and the Dutch translation of Physical Literacy.

The workshop was an important landmark in the development of Physical Literacy in the Netherlands. A large group of persons involved in the field of PE, sports and leisure now knows the concept and, given the enthusiastic reactions, follow-up sessions will be organised soon.


To be continued…

Jeroen Koekoek, Ivo van Hilvoorde, Niek Pot

Windesheim University of Applied Sciences