The Concept of Physical Literacy [EJPE]

Published: April 25, 2015

European Journal of Physical Education – 2001
Margaret Whitehead

The intention of this paper is to open a debate on the concept of Physical Literacy. This is a term that has been used intermittently over the years but has never received serious analysis. The discussion has three parts. The first sets out, briefly, the findings of earlier research (Whitehead 1987), which created the ground for this paper. The second proposes a context within which the concept of Physical Literacy may be defined and uses this context to discuss possible components of the concept. The presentation is set in an existential and phenomenological context and therefore considers the concept of Physical Literacy from a particular philosophical perspective. The final part of the paper lists a series of questions. These challenge proposals that are made in the paper and, at this stage in the debate, need to be subject to critical consideration.


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