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Welcome to issue No. 65 of ICSSPE’s Bulletin, which provides a Special Feature on the concept of physical literacy and its role in the context of physical education, physical activity and sport. The section contains contributions on various aspects of the concept including its historical background and definition; pedagogical implications; physical literacy throughout different phases in life and with regard to particular populations; the relationship of physical literacy with coaching, health or creativity; the role of physical literacy in teacher education; and the profile of physical literacy in a number of countries. The Special Feature was designed, compiled and reviewed by Margaret Whitehead and Symeon Dagkas, both of whom are outstanding experts in the field. I would like to thank them for their great commitment and dedication.

The Current Issue section consists of nine articles. The first named “Healthy Aging in the 21st Century” by Karin Volkwein-Caplan addresses the importance for communities to provide availability of and access to health promoting behaviours. Carlos Vera Guardia then provides insights into the 50th anniversary of the International Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities, followed by Steffen Neubert’s contribution on the activities of the European College of Sport Science in the year 2013. Christine Milner’s article deals with “L’Arche, a Community of People with Disabilities and the University Graduate in the Allied Health Fields: A Potential Collaboration“, while Paolo A. Adami, Mimi Rodriguez and Gabriella Pappadà describe the main results and methodology of “The eLF – eLearning Fitness Project”, which aims at facilitating the growth and expansion of the health enhancing sport and physical activity sector in Europe and worldwide. Michael Leitner, Yair Galily and Pini Shimon portray “The Effects of Mifalot Soccer Programmes on the Attitudes of Arab and Jewish Youth towards Each Other”, and Rosa López de D’Amico depicts “New Doctoral and Masters Programmes in Venezuela”. The article by Darlene Kluka, Anneliese Goslin and Rosa López de D’Amico meanwhile is concerned with the question “Women: Are they changing the face of global sport management?”. The section closes with a compilation of recent ICSSPE news.


ICSSPC - Bulletin 65

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