Opportunities at the IPLA

Invitation to apply to join a global team of consultants, practitioners and researchers.

The International Physical Literacy Association (IPLA) is a registered charity in England, formed in 2014 to promote and encourage the adoption of physical literacy across the life course. We have an exciting opportunity for you, if you have significant experience related to the promotion and understanding of physical literacy and be able to offer their experience, expertise, time, and enthusiasm to the IPLA. The roles will require a commitment to support the aims of the association in relation to advocacy, education and training, research, and working within a networked global community.

As physical literacy is growing exponentially across the world, we need to expand our volunteer workforce to support and enhance developments. If this is something that you feel able to contribute to; that is, you have the time and motivation to share your expertise and work with likeminded individuals from across the world, then please follow the links to consider the opportunities available.

Early Years Lead

We are looking for an experienced practitioner who is able to lead an early years team to enhance understanding of physical literacy in relation to the early years.

Link: IPLA Secretary and EY Coordinator

Contact: nigel.green@physical-literacy.org.uk


We are looking for a secretary who would be able to support the IPLA mechanisms.

Link: IPLA Secretary and EY Coordinator

Contact: nigel.green@physical-literacy.org.uk


We are looking for highly motivated and skilled consultants to support practitioners and researchers in our global work.

Link: IPLA Call for Consultants

Contact: Trevor.smith@physical-literacy.org.uk