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The International Physical Literacy Association (IPLA) is a registered charity in England, formed in 2014 to promote and encourage the adoption of physical literacy across the life course in accordance with the philosophy and approach advocated by its founder, and President – Dr Margaret Whitehead.

The concept of physical literacy has been adopted and adapted in many countries and settings, and it is being increasingly referenced and applied in policy and practice worldwide.

The IPLA was established 10 years ago, and as a young but growing charity, we are keen to ensure that our progress continues in a logical direction. To that end, we are looking for experienced Trustees to help increase the sophistication and impact of our organisation worldwide. We believe that having Trustees with experience in charity governance, finance, human resources, business operations and law, would enable us to operate more effectively in the future.

The Trustees welcome any approaches from any volunteers who believe they have the skill and ability to help us:

  1. Coordinate a networked community that encourages dialogue between practitioners, researchers, and policy makers to facilitate and support the adoption, evolution and promotion of physical literacy in communities worldwide.
  2. Encourage, support and engage in physical literacy research and development worldwide.
  3. Provide advocacy, policy and consultancy support to assist in incorporating physical literacy into communities worldwide.
  4. Develop and provide education and training that supports the adoption, evolution and promotion of physical literacy worldwide.

Requests for further information should be directed to either:

Nigel Green (Chair) nigel.green@physical-literacy.org.uk

Please send your expressions of interest to no later than Friday 24th May 2024

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