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International Physical Literacy Conference 2013

Four keynote presentations from the conference are linked below:

Kim Oliver

Leen Haerens

Jens Birch

Rebecca Lloyd

Feedback from the discussion groups is included here

Welcome to the Physical Literacy website


This website has been set up to enable all those interested in the concept of Physical Literacy to share papers and references.

The concept of Physical Literacy was originally developed from the study of Phenomenology and Existentialism, however support for serious attention to be given to our embodied dimension is now coming from other disciplines including cognitive psychology and sociology.

Papers by Margaret Whitehead show the development of the concept over the past few years and also provide an opportunity for Conference delegates to read and/or download the full paper, of which, usually, only a proportion was presented. Diagrams from the book Physical Literacy: throughout the Lifecourse can also be downloaded from the site.


Recent developments include:-

Planning the second International Physical Literacy Conference in 2013 (See above)

A project to promote Physical Literacy in the Secondary School. Five teachers are engaged in small scale research initiatives, two in the Liverpool area, one in the Midlands and two in the London Area.

A project to promote Physical Literacy across the world. Margaret is in contact with colleagues in Japan, Venezuela and Egypt to initiate advocacy in their countries. Other colleagues are being approached.

Two chapters on Physical Literacy in the recent publication Debates in Physical Education (2012) Ed. Capel and Whitehead. Routledge

Invitations for Margaret to present in Canada in April 2013 and for the UK NWCPEA in June 2013.

Join the debate

We are pleased to include papers from colleagues from across the world. Physical Literacy is a cradle to grave concept and is not confined to work in school.

Contact from colleagues wishing to join the debate is welcomed.


For definitions of the concept of Physical Literacy, click here.

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