IPLA Conference: Physical Literacy – Physical Literacy and Holistic Health

Tuesday 27th June 2017, Liverpool – FREE

The IPLA’s first conference aimed at spreading the understanding of physical literacy beyond education by:

  • explaining the concept to a wider audience from varied sectors
  • sharing practice from different sectors and countries
  • networking
  • inspiring action by key stakeholders

Note: The conference will be followed by the IPLA Forum event at The Liner Hotel, Liverpool on 28th–30th June 2017.

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IPLA Forum: Physical Literacy – Moving Forwards

Wednesday 28th June – Friday 30th June 2017, Liverpool – £180-£200

Open to all members and non-members, this is the second IPLA Forum, aiming to build on the success of last year’s workshop, to share best practice, research and ideas in relation to engaging the wider community in developing physical literacy across the world.

The forum will be highly interactive and will hopefully enable you to benefit personally and professionally through your engagement.

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