February’s Research Café- Peter Holler

In the first session of 2022, we welcomed Peter Holler from the University of Graz, Austria. Peter presented his work on measuring and fostering physical literacy among a physically inactive adult population. Again, I’d like to take the opportunity to thank Peter, and all attendees, for their participation.


Please keep an eye out for our March Café, with details to follow soon.



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  1. Hello All from the United States,
    I am interested in Peter’s work and any additional work exploring the concept of physical literacy with individuals who have obesity. I am the Director of an Obesity Clinic in the U.S. and am struggling to find more information about physical literacy with adults, particularly those who struggle with obesity. Any additional resources would be greatly appreciated. I have emailed Peter to see if I might be able to learn more about his studies and work. Thank you for your excellent website and these educational offerings.
    Thank You

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