Physical Literacy program at Mumbai Municipal Corporation Schools: Impacting 300000 under-privileged children

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Mumbai Municipal Corporation provides free education to more than 300000 under-privileged children (mostly from slum areas). In the last decade, health and fitness issues have not been improving, for many children. Also, there is a growing increase in social and mental issues, which impact on wellbeing, especially post covid. Providing appropriate physical education that looks to develop each child from a physical, emotional, social, and cognitive dimension, supports the development of physical literacy. To holistically develop these children, a program of physical literacy training for teachers of physical education has been approved by the Government authorities. They foresee health benefits, academic benefits (cognitive development through physical activities), social development (positive engagement, gender inclusion, disability inclusion, harmony), economic development (more income through manual labor) and emotional development (tackling stress).

The International Physical Literacy Association’s (IPLA) India team provided online sessions for teachers for a number of schools during covid lockdown. These sessions were very well received and have helped teachers to improve their practices and have improved the PE experiences for children. Authorities have entrusted IPLA to further guide and support the implementation of physical literacy across the schools through following activities:

  • Developing local language resources/materials.
  • Developing local environment video material that suggests how enhance physical literacy within PE.
  • Training 300 physical education teachers on physical literacy informed PE.
  • Regular monitoring and review.

The government has agreed to make expenses related to their teachers’ mobilization, and administration support but have requested IPLA to find the funds to manage resource development and teacher training through donations as there is no budget for this activity currently.


  1. IPLA India would work on the development of resources in local language (Marathi) and get it printed for dissemination is each school.
  2. 50 videos would be developed with Marathi
  3. 300 teachers would be trained in batches of 30 each supported by 2 trainers from IPLA India.
  4. IPLA India team to monitor and support the project implementation through monthly calls and regular school visits.

About IPLA:

The International Physical Literacy Association (IPLA) is constituted as a registered charitable incorporated organisation (CIO) with the Charity Commission UK (Charity number 1158119) that aims to promote physical literacy across the world. Backed by robust academic work by its President, Margaret Whitehead, it has supported physical literacy initiatives across many countries.

IPLA website is

IPLA advocacy video IPLA advocacy video:

IPLA India Progress:

  1. IPLA was first invited to India in 2016 for a workshop on Physical Literacy by Pullela Gopichand (Chief Coach, Badminton)and his team.
  2. Video of Gopichand on Physical Literacy:
  3. India has around 75000 full time government physical education teachers. We, as a team and community, have been able to do physical literacy orientation/training sessions for around 50000 govt PE teachers.
  4. Physical literacy as a concept, has gained popularity and many sports policies are mentioning it. IPLA India profile :
  5. Most children in India go to free education provided by government schools and these schools do not have facilities or equipment to support PE. Our approach has been to also promote equipment free sport, local games, dance and culture more than organized sport and get all children to love physical activities for life.
  6. Physical literacy is being discussed in our supreme court as a “fundamental right” for all citizens in India. –
  7. IPLA has partnerships with 10 of the best PE and sports universities/institutes/departments in India,with an objective to provide physical literacy related courses in PE, sports coaching and sports management courses. These include LNIPE-Gwalior, LNCPE-trivendarum, Agashe college of physical education, Transtadia university, Lovely Professional University, Guru Ghasidas and more.
  8. Physical literacy pledge designed by India team:

Project Funding Need:

For the physical literacy initiative in government schools in Mumbai, a donation/funding of 15000 GBP is required. This donation will be used for providing training for teachers of PE, as mentioned in the plan above. Here are few key points related to expenses:

  • Per trainer per day honorarium – 80 GBP
  • Video development cost – 5000 GBP
  • Text document development cost – 1000 GBP
  • Per day stay, local conveyance and food for each trainer – 60 GBP.

Per child cost is around INR 15 Lakhs (in Indian rupees approximately) or 15000 GBP.

Donors can donate any small amount as per their interest in the cause. All donations will be in GBP and donations will be tax exempt by quoting IPLA charity number – 1158119

Donor reporting and engagement.

Post project completion, all expenses incurred will be shared with the donor. Donors are most welcome to join in the training programs and online discussions.

Link to donate: