A Poem for Physical Literacy

Tiny, fragile fingers clench the hands that lead, guide and nurture the path. The journey begins with a hesitant step. Gasps. Jubilance. Pure joy. Tentative steps turn into powerful strides as confidence oozes with every pounding heartbeat. Blossoming, developing, changing with every jump, spin and splash. The precious seeds of opportunities are scattered lovingly into the field of hope and … Read More

Physical Literacy Charting Progress

Physical literacy is a holistic concept that recognises that all people are on a journey throughout life, but how can we chart progress on this journey? And why is it charting progress important anyway?

Physical Literacy – ‘Kiwi Style’

The concept of physical literacy is an excellent fit with Sport New Zealand’s vision of ‘enriching lives and inspiring a nation through physical activity and sport’. New Zealand has a proud history of being an active nation, which stems from generations of Kiwis enjoying a wonderful, playful upbringing. But we know that things are changing and we can’t assume we … Read More

Physical Literacy in Practice

Guest blog from Kate Ellis, Information Officer at the British Heart Foundation National Centre for Physical Activity and Health.

The International Physical Literacy Association guiding Dumfries and Galloway – Scotland

The community of Dumfries and Galloway have made a start by embracing the concept and it is interesting to see Wales, New Zealand, America and more recently India are all channelling energy into making physical literacy a focus for physical education and for life. Perhaps it is now time for the government of England to take a serious look at physical literacy and the potential it has to change lives in the future.