Physical Literacy Teacher Training Webinars: India

Teacher Training

The IPLA were approached by International Council of Sport and Physical Education (ICSSPE) to see if they would take part in a teacher training programme that was being run in India for in-service teachers. This training programme is the second 25 day programme that has been scheduled, whereby teachers in a specific region sign up for 25 days of webinar sessions.

Approximately 6000 teachers are allowed to sign up for each programme and on both of our webinars the number of teachers engaging in the sessions was over 2500 each day. The sessions were Chaired by Usha Nair, Associate Professor from Sports Authority of India and also observed by a panel of academics, including Uri Schaefer (President ICSSPE), Rosa Lopez de D’Amico (ICSSPE) and Dr. G Kishore (Principal of Sports Authority of India).

Physical Literacy: Choosing Physical Activity for Life

The first session was ‘Physical Literacy: Choosing Physical Activity for Life’ which was led by Margaret Whitehead. Margaret did a brief overview of the features of physical literacy followed by a clarification of terms such as PE, Sport and Physical Activity. Margaret then focussed on the affective domain and its importance to PE teachers before reflecting on the potential impact of India choosing physical literacy. Throughout the session Nigel Green selected questions for the audience chat and worked with Margaret on answers as well as drawing links to developments in other countries. Following this, the panel asked Margaret and Nigel some questions which provoked a good discussion. See video below:

17.8.20 – Khelo India PE and Community Coaching Programme – Webinar – Physical Literacy: Choosing Physical Activity for Life Margaret Whitehead and Nigel Green

Charting Progression in Physical Education with a Physical Literacy Focus

The second session was looking at Assessment in PE with a title of ‘Charting Progression in Physical Education with a Physical Literacy Focus’ which was led by Nigel Green. A presentation was provided by Nigel (see link to pdf) which also referred to a number of assessment/charting progress materials, that were shared on the Khelo India PE and Community Coaching Programme website, prior to the session. Questions were once again provided by the panel of experts and an interesting debate was undertaken in relation to the need to have statistics and clear progression steps related to development of each domain of physical literacy. The IPLA have shared their Charting Progress Matrix (see attached) with many organisations and we believe that this document could form the basis of a simple and effective charting mechanism that could be used by other organisations worldwide.

18.8.20 Khelo India PE and Community Coaching Programme – Webinar – Charting Progression in Physical Education with a Physical Literacy Focus – Nigel Green

The concept of physical literacy is being shared more widely in India and it is being accepted as a positive step forwards, particularly in relation to being a focus for physical education. The country is realising that they need to reflect on and change their practices in schools and many people see physical literacy as the guiding philosophy to support change.


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